Why Organic Fertigation?

Fertigation is the application of a metered amount of fertilizers, soil amendments or other water-soluble products through an irrigation system. Below you will find some key articles to help illustrate the benefits of EcoFert’s Landscape and Fertigation Solutions.


The Grass Is Greener at Harvard

There is an underground revolution spreading across Harvard University this fall. It’s occurring under the soil and involves fungi, bacteria, microbes, and roots, which are now fed with compost and compost tea rather than pesticides and synthetic nitrogen.


Harvard Yard Soil Restoration Project

Launched in March of 2008, the Harvard Yard Project was a two-part study conducted within a designated one-acre test plot. One part was an effort to demonstrate the effectiveness of organic landscape management techniques..


Fertigation System Saves City $10,000 a year

IN TODAY’S ECONOMY, anything that saves money is a welcomed addition to a turf manager’s portfolio. When technology saves labor, water and fertilizer—and has the bonus of making the fields look uniformly good—it’s sure to open eyes..


How Organic Fertilizer Can Save You Money

The word organic often evokes a negative reaction from consumers. While the benefits of organic products and lasting impacts on one’s health and the long-term effects they have on the environment are positive, many are quick…


Research Continues on Fertigation’s Benefits

Applying fertilizers and other water-soluble nutrients through irrigation systems shows promise for landscaped properties. Today’s turf managers face a number of challenges, from becoming more environmentally sustainable to working within stricter budgets. Now, experienced industry experts are helping turf pros get greener commercial landscapes, in the environmental sense, a


Fertigation: It’s For Contractors, Too

Television has helped spawn the desire for the perfect grass by showing the lush green landscapes that are available to sporting champions around the world. As a result, landscape contractors are challenged to provide comparable turf conditions for their commercial and residential customers while making their services affordable, meeting labor challenges and securing profits and growth.

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