School Campus Landscape Application Solutions

School campus landscape and application programs positively impact the lives of students, faculty, and alumni. Our organic-based, free of toxic chemical amendments are essential to the health and safety of the landscape and the people who use it.

Schools and Colleges are very active recreational venues, requiring sustainable landscapes. By applying nontoxic, organic-based soil amendments through fertigation, EcoFert’s Soil Fertility Program assures affordable, great looking, and healthy landscapes, while providing a safe environment.

EcoFert’s schools and college clients have included:

  1. St. Margaret’s School (San Juan Capistrano)
  2. Megan Cope School (San Jacinto)
  3. Los Alamitos Unified School District
  4. Pepperdine University
  5. Saddleback College

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Parks School Districts (k-12)

Create a welcoming and safe environment for students K-12. Playgrounds, sports turf, building landscape, and a myriad of indoor spaces associated with K-12 schools play a vital role in engaging students and the parents’ decision to enroll their students. Take advantage of our customized landscaping programs servicing pre-K, elementary, middle, and high schools.

Drive student recruitment

Keep students and faculty safe

Landscape maintenance cost savings

Colleges / Universities

Turn your campus landscape into a strategic asset that attracts new students and expands post graduate retention as well as encourages Alumni to support. Evaluate our cost effective landscape and custom maintenance programs we provide.

Attract prospective students

Improve on campus safety and reduce liability

Landscape maintenance cost savings

The EcoFert Way

EcoFert provides a unique sole-source program that is designed to combine the application advantages of fertigation delivery systems with soil enhancing benefits of organic-based amendments. We provide installation and maintenance of the delivery systems as well as ongoing laboratory-generated tests of soil conditions. Our team also prescribes a monthly application of specifically prescribed soil amendments to ensure that the soil is properly balanced. This enables flora and fauna to thrive and maintain resistance to infections and insects.


Lower water usage and bills


Safe and organic based landscapes


Eliminate fertilizer expenses


Lower risk and liability


Maximize landscape health


Decrease re-turf costs


Annual soil tests


Custom prescribed organic amendments

Soil Fertility Program


Site Analysis

EcoFert inspects the condition of the landscapes, reviews existing systems, and takes soils samples for testing, to determine the best injection system and soil amendment application for the facility.


System Installation

A customized injection system is designed, assembled and installed, to fit the needs of each property.

Soil Amendments

EcoFert Develops a specialized organic-based soil amendment protocol for each property, to assure proper nutrient uptake.


Property Service

Monthly property service to apply specialized soil amendments, confirm proper system operation, conduct a visual property inspection, and take soil samples for testing.

Our Latest Work

EcoFert provides solutions to the most difficult landscape care problems. We take pride in delivering consistently excellent results for clients across the country,  throughout the lifecycle of their landscapes. 

From our Clients

“The Ecofert staff are always very cognizant of the fact that they are in a cemetery and not a park. They are very concerned about the visitors and services that take place throughout the day. They coordinated their service, so that the noise from the equipment would not disrupt any services.

I recommend Ecofert to your clients and know that they will work very hard to provide you with a superior product and provide you with excellent customer service.”

Tim Deutsch

Orange County Cemetery District

"I have been working with EcoFert for many years and have found their systems, knowledge, service, and warranties to be second to none! They are pioneers in applying organic based nutrients through fertigation and their irrigation water savings are backed by their clients."

Larry Musser

President of PRZ Consulting & PRZ Seminars

“EcoFert has been a valuable partner to the City of Tustin in upgrading the City’s parks. The Ecofert Programs have proven to effectively make the parks look great and assist with the City’s maintenance issues.” 

Ron Walde

Landscape Department Supervisor, City of Tustin

“We’ve really struggled with trying to keep the cemetery, Holy Sepulcher, acceptable aesthetically. We wanted to stay within our water allotment. With Ecofert’s program, we were able to stay within our restrictions and stay green.”

Michael Wesner

Director of Cemeteries, Diocese of Orange

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