Organic Based Landscape Solutions

EcoFert’s all-inclusive, science-based Soil Fertility Program eliminates granular fertilizer and reduces water use costs while enhancing the sustainability of all types of landscapes. Micro-dosed application of property specific organic-based soil amendments makes EcoFert the answer to your landscape care challenges. 


EcoFert’s unique Soil Fertility Program reduces maintenance costs and significantly increases the beauty of cemetery landscapes. Cemetery clients benefit by happier visitors and increased pre-sales.

Parks & Sports Fields

Our specialized soil amendments significantly enhance turf sustainability, resulting in healthier parks and fields and reduced downtime.


EcoFert’s cutting edge protocol of organic-based soil amendments has proven to reduce maintenance costs and promote sustainable school fields while creating a healthier and safer environment.

Our Field Solutions

Landscape & Irrigation Solutions

Water Conservation

EcoFert’s application of organic based amendments is a proven method to reduce water usage. In addition, we apply a special organic product that retains water at the roots of landscapes for better water retention. Discover how our water conservation solutions can benefit your field.

Landscape & Irrigation Solutions

Water Treatment

The EcoFert Water Treatment Solution is specifically designed to neutralize the negative effects of high pH, sodium, bicarbonate and carbonate levels in irrigation water and soils, maintain the solubility of calcium and magnesium in irrigation water, increase the microbial base in the soil, and many other advantages.

Landscape & Irrigation Solutions

Cost Savings

EcoFert provides the most comprehensive cost savings to the entirety of landscape care service, by combining field and water analysis, injection system design and installation, and monthly application of specially determined soil amendments.

New Developments

EcoFert Initiates Program At All Torrance USD Fields

We have installed fertigation systems and initiated our Soil Fertility Program, which will include our Water Conservation Solution, at all 29 facilities of the Torrance Unified School District and for 6 parks in Yucca Valley.

Client Projects

Below you find our project updates where we have successfully implemented our EcoFert Program and has resulted in beautiful and healthy sports fields, parks, and cemeteries.

Veterans Sports Park

Tustin, CA

Frontier Park

Tustin, CA

San Ramon Central Park

San Ramon, CA

Holy Sepulcher Cemetery

Orange, CA

From our Clients

“The Ecofert staff are always very cognizant of the fact that they are in a cemetery and not a park. They are very concerned about the visitors and services that take place throughout the day. They coordinated their service, so that the noise from the equipment would not disrupt any services.

I recommend Ecofert to your clients and know that they will work very hard to provide you with a superior product and provide you with excellent customer service.”

Tim Deutsch

Orange County Cemetery District

"I have been working with EcoFert for many years and have found their systems, knowledge, service, and warranties to be second to none! They are pioneers in applying organic based nutrients through fertigation and their irrigation water savings are backed by their clients."

Larry Musser

President of PRZ Consulting & PRZ Seminars

“EcoFert has been a valuable partner to the City of Tustin in upgrading the City’s parks. The Ecofert Programs have proven to effectively make the parks look great and assist with the City’s maintenance issues.” 

Ron Walde

Landscape Department Supervisor, City of Tustin

“We’ve really struggled with trying to keep the cemetery, Holy Sepulcher, acceptable aesthetically. We wanted to stay within our water allotment. With Ecofert’s program, we were able to stay within our restrictions and stay green.”

Michael Wesner

Director of Cemeteries, Diocese of Orange

EcoFert provides solutions to the most difficult landscape and irrigation care problems. We take pride in delivering consistently excellent results for clients across the country,  throughout the lifecycle of their landscapes.