About EcoFert

Innovative Experts in Organic Based Landscape Solutions

EcoFert provides landscape application and fertigation solutions to the most difficult landscape care problems. We uniquely combine the application advantages of fertigation delivery systems with the soil enhancing benefits of organic based amendments.

Our “Sole Source” programs include installtion and maintenance of delivery systems, ongoing labratory generated tests of property soil conditions, and monthly application of specially prescribed soil amendments.


Headquartered in Santa Ana, the company has operations in all Southern California counties as well as the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento areas.  EcoFert has expanded operations throughout the Southwest.  

The EcoFert team brings together experts in organic based landscape amendments, fertigation injectors, and irrigation systems at the most cost effective price.  EcoFert is the “sole source” for everything from property analysis to system installation to amendment application.  

The EcoFert Advantage

EcoFert’s team of highly experienced professionals is dedicated to providing cutting edge organic-based landscape and irrigation solutions in a way that is cost-effective, while still maintaining high-quality sustainable landscapes that have left our clients across California, Arizona, and Nevada with a superior product and a superior service.

Why Fertigation?

Fertigation, which is the application of landscape amendments through irrigation systems, allows for constant, micro-dosed application, which increases nutrient asbortion for plants and soils.

Why Organic Based Amendments?

One of the main goals of EcoFert is the create a healthy, safe, and sustainable environment by utilizing organics based amendments that have a much higher absorption rate and nutrient qualities.

Why "Sole Source"?

EcoFert is the only company that provides full landscape care service, by combining field and water analysis, injection system design, and installation of specifically determined soil amendments. 

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