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EcoFert provides unique, cost-effective landscape care solutions that best assure that the hard work by landscape contractors on refurbishment or new construction will result in sustainable fields for years to come

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EcoFert supports landscape contractors with CAD drawings of system installations, detailed Program Specifications for monthly amendment supply and maintenance support, and a Cost Savings Analysis that will confirm cost effective landscape care.

EcoFert Can Provide All of the Solutions Needed for Client Fields


Site Analysis

EcoFert inspects the condition of the landscapes, reviews existing systems, and takes soils samples for testing, to determine the best injection system and soil amendment application for the facility.


System Installation

A customized injection system is designed, assembled and installed, to fit the needs of each property.

Soil Amendments

EcoFert Develops a specialized organic-based soil amendment protocol for each property, to assure proper nutrient uptake.


Property Service

Monthly property service to apply specialized soil amendments, confirm proper system operation, conduct a visual property inspection, and take soil samples for testing.

“RHA Landscape Architects has been very pleased with the injection systems and Program service of EcoFert. The EcoFert Team is very professional and has the ability to maintain healthy landscapes for our clients.”

– Doug Grove, President, RHA Landscape Architects

Landscape architects that EcoFert has worked with include


RHA Landscape Architects


Community Works Design Group


Novis Landscape Architects


RJM Design Group


Verde Design, Inc.


VDLA Landscape Architects


Learn what Ecofert Can do for your clients

EcoFert provides a unique, sole-source program that is designed to uniquely combine the application advantages of fertigation delivery systems with soil enhancing benefits of organic-based amendments. Our programs include installation and maintenance of the delivery systems, ongoing laboratory-generated tests of soil conditions, and monthly application of specifically prescribed soil amendments to ensure soil is properly balanced, flora and fauna will flourish and be resistant to insects and infections.