Full Service Landscape Applications

Water Treatment

We provide cost-effective landscape application solutions that are all organic with water treatment solutions to ensure a healthy, safe, cost-effective, and sustainable landscape.

Water Treatment Solution

Cost and water availability considerations can compel the use of reclaimed, recycled, or well water. The use of these alternative water sources commonly causes high levels of sodium, bicarbonates, and carbonates, resulting in severe loss of soil structure and organic matter that can harm turf, shrubs, and trees. The “harsh” elements found in alternative water sources have also been found to significantly accelerate the degradation of stone monuments and passageways.

The EcoFert Water Treatment Solution is specifically designed to:

  • Neutralize the negative effects of high pH, bicarbonate and carbonate levels in irrigation water and the soil solutions by enhancing from the root zone. 
  • Maintain the solubility of calcium and magnesium in irrigation water. 
  • Increase the microbial base in the soil. 
  • Increase root depth.
  • Reduce the degradation of stone monuments and passageways.

The Ecofert Advantage

Why Fertigation?

Fertigation, which is the application of landscape amendments through irrigation systems, allows for constant, micro-dosed application, which increases nutrient asbortion for plants and soils.

Why Organic Based Amendments?

One of the main goals of EcoFert is the create a healthy, safe, and sustainable environment by utilizing organics based amendments that have a much higher absorption rate and nutrient qualities.

Why "Sole Source"?

EcoFert is the only company that provides full landscape care service, by combining field and water analysis, injection system design, and installation of specifically determined soil amendments. 


Why we are different

EcoFert provides a unique, sole-source program that is designed to uniquely combine the application advantages of fertigation delivery systems with soil enhancing benefits of organic-based amendments. Our programs include installation and maintenance of the delivery systems, ongoing laboratory-generated tests of soil conditions, and monthly application of specifically prescribed soil amendments to ensure soil is properly balanced, flora and fauna will flourish and be resistant to insects and infections. 

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