Celebrate Earth Day With EcoFert

In celebration of Earth Day, we wanted to bring to light how EcoFert, a California based company, provides an organic-based landscape Program that is organic-based and environmentally friendly. We combine field and water analysis, injection system design, and installation of specifically determined soil amendments. 

With the effects of climate change becoming more noticeable, the global awareness of these matters has increased accordingly. The U.S. Government is taking action to prioritize sustainability. “Climate change presents new challenges and opportunities for the U.S. economy,” Janet Yellen of the United States Treasury said in a statement earlier this week, “The steep consequences of our actions demand that the Treasury Department make climate change a top priority.” 

While the topic and long-term solutions may seem overwhelming, sustainability does not have to be complicated or be done in a vacuum. EcoFert is here to help. 


EcoFert will scientifically optimize your soil with only natural resources. With waste management as a top priority, we only apply our solutions to the areas that require it, minimizing waste as much as possible. Typically, this practice is not used commercially, but EcoFert is offering this tailored service to our customers. This intentional practice offers unprecedented savings, treatment is only given to the needed areas versus a blanket treatment to the entire piece of land. 

Organic Based Amendments

Unlike most landscape management practices, EcoFert only uses organic ingredients. One of the main goals of EcoFert is to create a healthy, safe, and sustainable environment by utilizing organics-based amendments that have a much higher absorption rate and nutrient qualities.

Water Treatment Solutions

Cost and water availability considerations can compel the use of reclaimed, recycled, or well water. The use of these alternative water sources commonly causes high levels of sodium, bicarbonates, and carbonates, resulting in severe loss of soil structure and organic matter that can harm turf, shrubs, and trees. The “harsh” elements found in alternative water sources have also been found to significantly accelerate the degradation of stone monuments and passageways. 

With the help of forward-thinking individuals, innovative ideas, and creative solutions, we can lessen the impact we have on our blue planet. After the EcoFert soil test, we are able to know the amount of water a space truly needs. This allows us to save water and other resources as much as possible.

EcoFert provides a unique, sole-source program that is designed to uniquely combine the application advantages of fertigation delivery systems with soil enhancing benefits of organic-based amendments. Our programs include installation and maintenance of the delivery systems, ongoing laboratory-generated tests of soil conditions, and monthly application of specifically prescribed soil amendments to ensure soil is properly balanced, flora and fauna will flourish, and be resistant to insects and infections. 

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