Commercial Property Landscape Tips For Spring

Maximize the growth and health of your landscape this Spring with these helpful tips from the EcoFert team

Spring is here and for those living in Southern California, that means you’ll need to give your commercial property a needed refresh. Spring is typically the time to maximize the growth and health of your landscape. 

But today’s turf managers face a number of challenges, from becoming more environmentally sustainable to working within stricter budgets. Now, our team of experts are helping turf pros get greener commercial landscapes, in the environmental sense, as well as helping these business establishments save on the bottom line. And they’re doing it through the use of fertigation, combined with new methods of water reduction.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Checklist

Here we will discuss some of the top priorities when it comes to landscapes and this is a tool to use to check off critical tasks for Spring time so you can roll into summer with the health and growth you want from your landscape.

Assessing The Property:

Take a good spring property assessment to identify any areas of weakness in your landscape. Then you will need to prepare a plan to appropriately rejuvenate plants and turf that are suffering. 

Clear brush from the winter:

Pruning shrubs and trees, cutting back ornamental grasses and removing dead debris helps to prevent disease and insect infestation while opening space for new growth. Plant thinning and winter brush removal also gives your landscaping a clean, professional look.

Cover Ground and Mulch Landscape Beds:

Whether you are mulching leaves or returning lawn clippings back into the lawn, mulching saves time, money, labor, and is a great soil amendment. There is really no need for raking, bagging or hauling away either leaves or clippings. 

Mulch is beneficial for the landscape because it helps soil retain moisture, suppresses weed growth, prevents soil temperature fluctuations and adds aesthetic appeal. Mulch gives your property a clean-lined look that accents flowers and gives the commercial property an overall improved look. 

Prevent Weeds / Insects / Infections with Organic Based Amendments

If you want to prevent the most notorious grassy weed from cropping up in your commercial property this summer—we’re talking about crabgrass—then now is the time to apply a landscape application pre-emergent organic solution to ensure that your property is healthy, safe, cost-effective, and sustainable for the rest of the year.

Organic Fertigation Setup and Maintenance Essentials

Fertigation is the application of a metered amount of fertilizers, soil amendments or other water-soluble products through an irrigation system. To date, the practice has been more widely used on specialty crops in agriculture, typically in drip irrigation systems, and on golf courses rather than on commercial or residential landscapes, admit proponents.

There are many benefits to incorporating a fertigation system to your commercial landscape maintenance program. Some of the many are: 

  • The application of fertilizer is more measurable and precisely applied to areas of the landscape that need it. This brings savings to the cost of the nutrients while also reducing the need for pesticides and herbicides.
  • Provides the ability to apply micronutrients and wetting agents that will help water used more efficiently and lower sodium and pH levels.
  • Efficiently fertilize what your property needs as opposed to what the soil is deemed to need.

The EcoFert Advantage

EcoFert provides landscape application and fertigation solutions to the most difficult landscape care problems. We uniquely combine the application advantages of fertigation delivery systems with the soil enhancing benefits of organic-based amendments.

Our “Sole Source” programs include installation and maintenance of delivery systems, ongoing laboratory generated tests of property soil conditions, and monthly application of specially prescribed soil amendments. to create a healthy, safe, and sustainable landscape all year around for properties in Northern and Southern California.

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