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Question: Cost Estimates

Do you have a conceptual cost based on sq. ft. we can use for our early estimates?  I see you estimate $50 per acre a month for ongoing maintenance, does this include initial investment for equipment? We are typically not catching the costs associated with the system until the end of CD’s and then have to account for additional costs.


Answer: Pricing options can be provided on request

EcoFert separately charges for system installation and monthly Program service.  The installation is a capital expenditure, the price of which depends on a number of factors.  The range of install pricing is $3,500 – $15,000, depending on the needs of the property and of the client.  The install price can be apportioned over twelve months if the client enters into a Program agreement for at least one year.  A list of EcoFert’s equipment installation packages and associated pricing will be provided upon request.      

The Program pricing also depends on a number of factors.  For example, for high use sports fields, EcoFert applies a higher level of soil amendments and makes annual granular applications of a nutrient rich product, resulting in a higher price than for casual parks.  Other Solutions that affect pricing are EcoFert’s Water Treatment Solution and All Organic Solution.  EcoFert’s Program and Solutions pricing will be provided upon request.


Question: Alleviate Compaction

Most of the issues with our active landscapes are due to compaction, do you have any information on how it may help or alleviate this – or is aerating still mandatory in addition to the fertilizer for high use fields?


Answer: Our maintenance procedures

Compaction is primarily caused by level of use, soil types, water quality, and watering schedules.  

EcoFert treats soil compaction with organic based products that promote healthy plant growth and push salts and carbonates out of the soil.  Organic amendments have been shown to fracture the soil.  EcoFert applies liquid calcium products along with wetting agents to push salts below the root zone and injects NPhuric or Citrus acid to lower pH levels.  The introduction of biologics, compost teas and organic humics help build the soil and drive roots deeper.  

Fertigation has proven to be the best delivery tool based on effective use of products and control of application rates.    

We have also found that there are a number of maintenance procedures what a client should do to combat compaction.  As recommended by Larry Musser of PRZ, with whom we collaborate, a proper maintenance protocol to combat compaction on high use sports fields includes aeration, field down time, and rotating field usage.


Question: Contract Maintenance Control

One of our long-term issues is the lack of control over contracted maintenance parties and their handling of irrigation – since your system is based on the irrigation management of a site how do you make sure it is being used correctly?  Most of the cities are on 2-3 year contracts and the companies do change?


Answer: Monthly maintenance program

The EcoFert Program is entirely dependent on the quality of the client’s irrigation system and management.  We check the system at the outset and make various field observations during our monthly Program service to be sure that the irrigation system is in proper order.  Since the client is investing in our delivery systems and Program, they have a natural tendency to be more sensitive to the proper operation of the irrigation system.  While EcoFert doesn’t have control over the irrigation system or irrigation management, we act as a consultant on proper irrigation practices. 


Question: Protection of Equipment

A lot of the work we are seeing recently is renovation work on existing sites – do you have any examples of providing enclosures or protection of the equipment if we do not have a secured yard or building for its location?


Answer: Recommendations for equipment protection

EcoFert has run into several projects where there wasn’t a secured yard or building for the fertigation system.  In those situations, we have recommended a Strongbox stainless steel, lockable enclosure.   

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